Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Collage #59


  1. This is a really interesting collage. I love how certain elements keep returning (from collage to collage I mean) as new elements and configurations are introduced. You have a breathtaking vocabulary and syntax of images, if that makes any sense. With each collage you add to the portfolio the deeper the experience becomes for the viewer (for this one anyway). I truly admire the visual work you are doing. Just don't stop writing poetry. 'cause you're pretty genius at that too.

  2. Wow - thanks Tom. The writing has slowed down the past few months, though I've written one poem I liked. I think I have some kind of poetic dysmorphia though -- do you know what I mean? One week I'll read back on some unedited thing and see it has quite a lot in it to work with; then a week later it all looks like crap to me. Constantly shifting sense of what's "good" and what's not. Meanwhile it appears that everyone else on the planet knows exactly what they're doing. Of course that's not true, but at times it feels that way.

  3. Lynn,

    I'm intimately familiar with "poetic dysmorphia." I've been suffering from it all of my life. Certainty has eluded me in life and art.